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Steven Byks
28 September
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ZOMG! Someone actaully read my bio, the one that I filled out but didn't want anyone to see. That means that now I have to hurry up and post a new one since word will get out fast I'm sure. The first two things I want people to know about me is that I'm gay and I'm a furry. It's not that I want to wear those like a badge, but they're important and wouldn't nessecarily come up in random conversation. I should also mention that I'm catholic, though my association with that group has become somewhat loose in the past few years.

Let's see... I enjoy drawing even though I'm horrible at it. I have lots of ideas for stories, but not the inclination to develop them in writing. I used to play guitar and piano, but haven't touched either in over a year. Basically I just play FFXI b/c when I get home from work I'm too tired to do anything else. On my days off though, when I'm not exhausted I *could* do some of those things, but normally I don't b/c it's my only chance to go out and see my friends. So that's the only other thing I do with my spare time.


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FMO3acd A C- D++ H+ M- P+ R++ T? W- Z- Sm+ RLCT* a23 cln+++ d++ e++ f- h* iw++ j+ p++ sm

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